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How To - Get My Dissertation Topic Approved

What do I do when I’m ready to get my dissertation topic approved?
(~ 5th semester into OSE PhD Program)

  1. Be sure you have completed the following steps and submitted paperwork (where relevant). This means you have submitted the following forms as you’ve progressed through the program:
  2. You are to prepare a written Research Plan. The plan must demonstrate (a) your knowledge of the relevant literature base, and (b) a research plan that, if successfully completed, will lead to an approved dissertation. Discuss the appropriate length of the written Research Plan with your advisor.
  3. Submit your written Research Plan to your Advisory Committee at least 1 week prior to your oral presentation.
  4. Have Mark Clayton make a copy of your written Research Plan for your file.
  5. Schedule an oral presentation of your Research Plan. The presentation should be approximately 40 min with 20 min for feedback and input from your committee. Your Advisory Committee must attend and approve of your Research Plan.
  6. Once your Advisory Committee approves of your plan, complete the following form.
  7. Have Mark Clayton make a copy and submit the form to the Graduate School for you.
  8. Congratulate yourself for a job well done!

Work with Mark Clayton (704-687-8117 or mclayton@uncc.edu) to complete any form. He will be sure your form information is entered correctly and it is signed by the proper people.