UNC Charlotte | Graduate Programs in Optical Science and Engineering

Graduate Colloquium Fall 2017

Dr. Irina Nesmelova, Colloquium Host

August 24

Diana Joy - "Experimental Characterization of Sleeping Beauty transposase"

Navid Farahi - "In-situ Measurement of Size and Profile for Axisymmetric Components using Digital Fringe Projection"

August 31

Elisa Hurwitz - "From nonradiating sources to directionally invisible objects"

September 7

Karteek Kunala - Paper Review: "Update on the Development of High Performance Anti-Reflecting Surface Relief Micro-Structures"

Patrick Thewlis - "Compact Displacement Measuring Interferometers Based on Microchip Lasers"

September 14

Yanzeng Li - “Antireflective behavior of biomimetic structures”

Ravil Bikmetov - "Telecommunication Networks for Energy Distribution in Microgrids"

September 21

101st OSA Annual Meeting 2017 – No Colloquium

September 28

Swati Jain

Aaron Brettin

October 5

Jonathan Koerber

Steven Glass

October 12

Camilo Moreno Cleves

Anton Chernenko

October 19

Visiting Speaker Seminar

October 26

Visiting Speaker Seminar

November 2

Rahma Nawab

Scott Raburn

November 9

Joel Solomon

Ossama Tfeily

November 16

UNC Charlotte Faculty Presentation

November 23

Thanksgiving Break - No Colloquium

November 30

Visiting Speaker Seminar